The list of South African Postal Code

In this informative blog post, you will learn about the South African postal code and all of its necessary information. To know the difference between Postal codes and Zip codes also the places in South Africa and their postal code.

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What is the Postal Code

Postal codes are the special codes that are used to map out and specify the different regions within a country. There are different South African postal codes for all areas. In other words, South African postal codes vary from city and locality within the country.

Difference between Postal code and Zip code and Dialing code

Many people mix between postal code and dialling code. In this article, we will provide all lists of South African postal codes and also the difference between postal codes and dialling codes. Let's start with the meaning of dialling code.

A dialling code is an international code which specifies the receiving call for a specific country. In south africa the dialling code is +27. Many South African confuse these codes with the postal code.

So if you want to make a call to South Africa the dialling number should start with the country's dialling code which is +27.

List of All South African Postal Code

Northern RegionPostal Code(Gauteng, Mpumalanga, most of North West, Limpopo)-South African Postal Code

Postal Code RangeArea
0300–0499North West—northern part
0500–0698Limpopo—south and west
0699–0999Limpopo—north and east
1000–1399Mpumalanga—Northern half
1400–1699Gauteng—East Rand / Ekurhuleni Metro
1700–1799Gauteng—West Rand, Mogale City/Krugersdorp, Roodepoort (now part of Johannesburg)
1800–1999Gauteng—Soweto and Vereeniging/Vanderbijlpark Region (Motsweding)
2000–2199Gauteng—Johannesburg (original Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton)
2200–2499Mpumalanga—southern half
2500–2899Northwest Province—southern and central

Eastern Region Postal Code(KwaZulu-Natal, the eastern part of Eastern Cape)-South African Postal Code

Postal Code RangeArea
2900–3199KwaZulu-Natal—Northern KwaZulu-Natal
3200–3299KwaZulu-Natal—Pietermaritzburg and surrounds
3600–3799KwaZulu-Natal—Region between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, including satellite towns, such as Westville.
3800–3999KwaZulu-Natal—Zululand Region (including Richards Bay)
4000–4099KwaZulu-Natal—Durban / Ethekwini (original area)
4100–4299KwaZulu-Natal—South Coast
4300–4499KwaZulu-Natal—North Coast
4500–4730KwaZulu-Natal—Griqualand East and Umzimkulu

Southern RegionPostal Code(Eastern Cape, eastern parts of Western Cape)-South African Postal Code

Postal Code RangeArea
4731–5199Eastern Cape—Former Transkei
5200–5299Eastern Cape—East London
5300–5499Eastern Cape—historical “Border” region
5500–5999Eastern Cape—Northern part
6000–6099Eastern Cape—Port Elizabeth
6100–6499Eastern Cape—Western part

Western Region Postal Code (Western Cape and western part of Northern Cape)-South African Postal Code

Postal Code RangeArea
6500–6699Western Cape—Garden Route and Oudtshoorn area
6700–6899Western Cape—Klein Karoo
6900–7099Western Cape—Great Karoo
7100–7299Western Cape—Area south-east of Cape Town
7300–7399Western Cape—West Coast
7400–7599Western Cape—Northern parts of Cape Metropole
7600–7699Western Cape—Areas East of Cape Town, such as Stellenbosch
7700–8099Western Cape—Cape Town and Cape Peninsula
8100–8299Northern Cape—Namaqualand Region

Central Region Postal Code (Northern Cape and Free State)-South African Postal Code

Postal Code RangeArea
8300–8799Northern Cape—Eastern Part
8800–8999Northern Cape—Gordonia Region
9000–9299formerly assigned to South West Africa[6]
9300–9399Free State—Bloemfontein and surrounds
9400–9699Free State—Northern Free State
9700–9899Free State—Eastern Free State
9900–9999Free State—Southern Free State

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