3 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Small Bloggers

Are you a small publisher or blogger looking to monetize your website? While Google AdSense is a first choice for many bloggers, well it is not the only option out there. There are several Google AdSense alternatives that might be a better fit for small publishers and bloggers.

But which google adsense alternatives are the best? How do they compare to AdSense in terms of revenue, ease of use, and other factors? So, in this post, we’ll explore the 3 google AdSense alternatives for small publishers and bloggers, so you can make a decision about which one to use for your website.

Pros and Cons of Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the most preferred choice for many bloggers out there. Even though there are many other alternatives to Adsense with a lot of benefits. Many beginners tend to apply for AdSense soon after they open their website. The good thing about AdSense is that:

  • Easy to set up
  • Do not need the traffic to be approved
  • Have very high CPC terms
  • Many add partners
  • Provide quality ads
  • Good payment system

But many people will still try to choose other Ad Networks. There may be many reasons people can change from AdSense to other Ad networks. The main disadvantages of google AdSense are as follows:

  • They are very strictly
  • You can be banned without even being notified of the reason
  • They do not mention what they need to get approved for monetization
  • Once you are banned you can not reapply again.
  • Hard to reach customer services
  • Also, you may not use other services when you get banned.

But the above reasons are not necessary to change from AdSense to other ad networks. Sometimes a publisher can change the ad Network due to his/her preferences. Well, below are 3 Google AdSense alternatives that I have tried.

Best Google AdSense alternatives that I have tried

The three Google AdSense alternatives that we will discuss today are Ezoic, Media.Net, and The Moneytizer. I will provide the best details on my experience with these Google AdSense alternatives.


This is one of the best platforms to monetize your website. This Google AdSense alternatives have a variety of services that you can try and get to increase your revenue. They use powerful AI to provide quality ads and a better user experience. You can try it if you want to double or even triple the ad revenue.

Pros of Ezoic

  • Fast Approval which does not depends on the traffics
  • Better Ads Experience
  • Powerful AI to increase your revenue
  • Variety of services like video creation to increase the revenue
  • High EPMV which pays for impressions and not for clicks CPC
  • Very fast and reliable customer services


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