salary slip portal login/register This article will direct you on how to create an account for the salary slip portal and log in. Also, we will provide the meaning of the portal and its benefit. Read this full article for a better understanding and to be educated.

What is a salary slip portal?

The government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Finance have started an e-government portal for a public servant. With this portal workers are able to view and track their monthly salary.

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The benefit of portal

  • The salary slip portal enables workers to view their monthly salary
  • Also, it enables workers to download their salary slips or payslips.
  • Allows users to track their monthly payments.

How to register an account for the salary slip portal.

Before opening an account there are important documents which you need to have.

Requirements to open an account

The following are the requirements to open for salary slip portal account;

  • Your check Number
  • Your full names
  • The date of birth
  • Vote and Subvote
  • Your Bank account
  • The salary scale ( eg TGTS, TGS, ETC)
  • Salary grade (fill C, C, D, E, etc)
  • The salary step
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your email address
    • Password

To register for a salary slip portal account follow the procedure below;

  • Go to >>>membership portal register page by clicking this link.
  • Fill in all the details required as prepared
  • For easy registration follow these guidelines rules;
    • Ensure all your information are same as the lawson system
    • If you are not sure of your details, please contact your HR officer
    • For further assistance contact these numbers +255262160000
    • The fields with a star sign (*) are mandatory

How do I log in salary slip portal?

After registration is complete now you can view your dashboard by logging in. To log in to your account follow the following procedure.

  • Visit the portal login page >>>
  • Fill in your check number/user name and your password
  • Then click Sign in

How To reset a password

If you forget your password, it is possible to reset and get back your account. Now let’s see how you can reset a password and get back your Account. To reset your password follow the following procedure;

  • Make sure you have the Registered Email Address you will use to reset your password.
  • Go to your log-in dashboard and click forgot password or enter directly through >>clicking here Forgot Password?
  • Fill in your email address and click send button
  • The Email Address must be sent to the system by 

The salary slip portal is the best place to watch and track your monthly payments, but also, this portal is currently available for government workers. If this article was helpful to you please share it with other people in social media groups so that many workers can register and track their monthly payments.

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