e-National ID – NIDA Online Registration system

This article provides information on how to register for NIDA online, the Online NIDA application system eonline.nida.go.tz, and the e-Naional ID Application. This article will show you step by step how you can register for your National ID, and how to get your NIDA Number.

About NIDA Online registration system | e-National ID portal

Recently the government of Tanzania through the national identification authority NIDA has launched an online application system where citizens and non-citizens of Tanzania can register for national identifications. The system allows a user to perform a pre-enrolment and can download the completed form after completing online registration.

e-National ID portal. You can access this portal through the link eonline.nida.go.tz as provided by the Nationa Identification Authority NIDA.

How to register for National ID Online | e-National ID registration form

In this section, you will learn how to register and download the online form. Follow the steps below to register for your national Id;

  • Visit the NIDA online registration system page >>>https://eonline.nida.go.tz/Account/Register
  • Fill in your email, and unique password. Your password should contain 8 characters, with a capital letter, number, and special characters like @,#,$,%,&, etc.
  • Fill in a Captcha Word provided and click the 'Open Account' button.
  • Then visit your email inbox for a confirmation email.

The email will have a confirmation link which you will enter and it will take you to the login page.

How to log in to the NIDA online registration system e-National ID portal?

To access the dashboard follow the following steps

After logging in you will have access to the dashboard where you must fill in each section correctly. Also, you should have a digital copy of your certificates to fill out the online form.

The requirements to fill out the online form of the e-National ID system.

To fill NIDA Online registration form you are required to have the following things;

  • Your birth certificate copy
  • A copy of your parent's birth certificate/proof
  • If you have hereditary citizenship must have a copy of your parents' National ID or birth certificate.
  • For registering citizenship proof by Dossier Number

A legal resident must have;

  • Passport Number.
  • Resident Permit / Work Permit

After completing and filling in the details in the portal download the form and print it. This form should pass to your village/street Executive Office to verify your address. Lastly, submit the signed form to the nearest NIDA registration office.

So through the above procedures, you have completed full NIDA Online registration and offline. Now you will wait for the SMS of your NIDA Number (NIN).

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