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O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download Now 2023

O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download here. This article will provide all information about the Geography syllabus in pdf and how to download it. Also, it explains the Geography general competencies for o level students and the general objectives. Read more for further understanding. Also, this syllabus can be found on the TIE Website. O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download

Introduction to Geography Syllabus

This Geography syllabus is a revised version that has been prepared to replace that of 1996 which has been phased out. The revision process focused on a change in paradigm from a content-based to a competency-based curriculum. O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download

Moreover, the revision was inevitable due to the fact that the 1996 syllabus did not sufficiently take into consideration the current social, cultural, global, Technological, and subject biases and cross-cutting issues taking place worldwide but particularly in Tanzanian society.

In Addition, the revision has also taken into consideration the requirements for the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP). This syllabus has been introduced for implementation in January 2005. O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download

General Subject Competences Geography syllabus

General competencies are expressions that describe what a secondary school student does as a result of teaching and learning this subject. It is therefore expected that a Geography student demonstrates the ability to:-

  • (a) Understand this country and value it as his/her heritage.
  • (b) Use natural resources sustainably to raise the standard of living.
  • (c) Use different ways to overcome day-to-day social and economic constraints.
  • (d) Show an understating of interactions between their country and other countries and draw lessons to solve existing problems.
  • (e) Observe, record, analyze, and interpret geographical phenomena and conducts research.
  • (f) Utilize skills and take appropriate measures to manage the environment
  • (g) Use socio-economic skills to successfully compete in the labor market within the globalized world. O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download

General Subject objectives

The student should be able to:

  • (a) Develop awareness of this country as his/her heritage.
  • (b) Develop awareness of the extent of their resources that can be developed to raise the standard of living of people.
  • (c) To identify major world social and economic constraints and suggest ways of overcoming them.
  • (d) Develop methods of observation, measuring, recording and Interpreting the phenomena.
  • (e) Identify and compare social and economic interactions between Tanzania and other countries.
  • (f) Acquire skills in environmental conservation and management
  • (g) Acquire social economic skills for competing in the labor market within the globalised world

The Structure of the Geography syllabus

The syllabus consists of two main parts. Part one contains the introduction, objectives of education in Tanzania, objectives of secondary education, general subject competencies, objectives of Geography, and the structure and organization of the syllabus. Part two consists of a table bearing the following information. O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download

Class Level Competences

These are abilities that will be revealed by students after learning a topic. In this syllabus class level competencies are found on the first page for each level.

Class Level Objectives

Class-level objectives come immediately after the competencies. They state what will be achieved by the learner during the period when he or she will be studying the subject content.

The Syllabus in pdf is available at the following link. Note: If the link is no longer working please contact us so we can update the link.

O-Level Geography syllabus pdf download HERE

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