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O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download Now 2023

O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download here. This article will provide all information about the Civics syllabus in pdf and how to download it. Also, it explains the Civics general competencies for o level students and the general objectives. Read more for further understanding. Also, this syllabus can be found on the TIE Website. Read more about the O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download here.

Introduction to Civics syllabus

This Civics syllabus is a revised version that has been prepared to replace that of 1996 which has been phased out. The revision process focused on a change in paradigm from a content-based to a competency-based curriculum.

Moreover, the revision was inevitable due to the fact that the 1996 syllabus did not sufficiently consider the current social, cultural, global, technological, and subject biases and cross-cutting issues taking place worldwide but particularly in Tanzanian Society.

In addition, the revision has also taken into consideration the requirements for the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP). This syllabus has been introduced for implementation in January 2005. O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download

General Subject Competences covered by O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download

O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download. General competencies are expressions that describe what a secondary school student does as a result of learning this subject. The student who has successfully completed the Civics course should have the ability to :

  • Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation for our cultural heritage and natural resources and the ability to preserve them.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of globalization issues and the ability to reflect critically on their impact on our society.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and respect for the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic state.
  • Collect, select, organize, and analyze information related to current events which shape the development of our country.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to work hard for his/her own and national development.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of democratic values and competently participates in the democratic processes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the government, and its workings and participates effectively in its establishment and running.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Cross-Cutting Issues (CCI) and their impact on our society and takes appropriate action.

General Subject Objectives

The teaching of Civics is intended to enable students to:

  • Promote an understanding and appreciation for our nation, its culture, and better management of our resources.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the current international understanding and cooperation and be able to evaluate its impact on our society.
  • Develop civic responsibility and active civic participation.
  • Develop the ability to collect and analyse information about current events which shape the social, cultural, political, economic and technological development of Tanzania society.
  • Enable students to develop into full human personalities who are able to accept the challenges of working hard for their own development and the development of the nation.
  • Develop an understanding of what democracy is, an appreciation of its values and participation in its development.
  • Promote an understanding of the concept of government, its purpose and importance, its organization so as to prepare them for participation in its establishment and running.
  • Promote an understanding of cross-cutting issues, their impact upon the society and intervention steps to be taken for our own national interests.

Structure of the Civics syllabus

The Civics syllabus contains two main parts. Part one contains an introduction, the general competencies and objectives of the teaching the subject. Part two contains the following; the class-level competences, class level objectives, topics, sub-topics, specific objectives, teaching/learning strategies, teaching/ learning materials, assessment, and a number of periods.

Class level competencies

There are the skills, knowledge and attitudes that the learner is expected to have achieved after completing a particular class.

Class level objectives

These are sets of behavioural changes to be exhibited by teacher learner after completion of a course in a given class.

The Syllabus in pdf is available at the following link. Note: If the link below is no longer working please contact us so we can update the link

O-level Civics syllabus pdf Download HERE

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