O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download CHINESE LANGUAGE SYLLABUS pdf download

O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download Now 2023

O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download here. This article will provide all information about the Chinese Language syllabus in pdf and how to download it. Also, it explains the Chinese Language general competencies for o level students and the general objectives. Read more for further understanding. Also, this syllabus can be found on the TIE Website

About the Chinese Language syllabus

This syllabus has been developed to introduce the Chinese language in Tanzanian secondary education to complement the objectives of the Education and Training Policy (2014) which insists on the importance of foreign languages for national, regional, and international integration, including communication. O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download

The Chinese language syllabus comprises contents aimed to develop the main competencies of comprehension, communication, and vocabulary use through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The designing of learning activities for the intended competencies guides the section on content and methods. O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download

General Competencies for Form I – IV

By the end of Form IV, the student should have the ability to :

  • use appropriate Chinese to communicate in a variety of settings; and
  • apply to listening, speaking, reading, and writing strategies to extend and enhance general knowledge

General Objectives for Form I – IV

The objectives of teaching Chinese in Secondary schools are to enable the student to:

  • express oneself in both spoken and written Chinese;
  • read widely for pleasure and for information;
  • perform a variety of writing tasks according to the required conventions;
  • use one’s knowledge of Chinese to demonstrate awareness and consciousness of the basics of society and the part one can play in its development;
  • use one’s knowledge of Chinese in furthering one’s education; and
  • communicate effectively with other speakers of Chinese both inside and outside the country.

The organization of the Chinese Language syllabus

The syllabus consists of two main parts. Part One contains general information on the syllabus. This includes the introduction, objectives of education in Tanzania, objectives of secondary education in Tanzania, general competencies for Form I – IV, general objectives and other information about the organization of the syllabus.

The second part consists of the syllabus content focusing on the competencies and objectives of the respective class and a table which shows topics and sub-topics, specific objectives, patterns/structures, situations/contexts, vocabulary/phrases, Chinese characters, phonetics, teaching and learning strategies, teaching and learning materials, assessment and the estimated number of periods as described below:

Class level competencies

These are statements that specify the abilities that are expected to be attained by the student. These are stated just before the class objectives found at the beginning of the content of each class

The Syllabus in pdf is available at the following link. Note: If the link is no longer working please contact us so we can update the link.

O-level Chinese Language syllabus pdf download HERE

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