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O-Level Book-Keeping syllabus pdf Download Now 2023

O-Level Book-Keeping syllabus pdf Download here. This article will provide all information about the Book-Keeping syllabus in pdf and how to download it.

Also, it explains the Book-Keeping general competencies for O-level students and the general objectives. Read more for further understanding. Also, this syllabus can be found on the TIE Website

Introduction to Book-Keeping Syllabus

This Book-Keeping syllabus for Ordinary Secondary Education is a revised version that has been prepared to replace the 1997 syllabus.

The revision has focused on a paradigm shift from a content-based to a competency-based curriculum. O-Level Book-Keeping syllabus pdf Download

Moreover, the revision has also taken into consideration the current social, political, cultural, economic, and technological changes and cross-cutting issues.

The Book-Keeping syllabus has some changes whereby some topics/sub-topics have been merged and improved. Bills of Exchange topic has been omitted and no new topics introduced.

The organization of this syllabus differs from that of 1997 whereby the following components have been added; subject and class level competencies, class level objectives, sub-topics, assessment column and the number of periods per topic.

This syllabus puts more emphasis on student-centred learning approaches, thereby enhancing meaningful learning.

It further seeks to develop learners’ competencies which gives students the opportunity to broaden their scope for future development including self-employment.

Therefore, students are expected to interact in various situations which will make them demonstrate positive knowledge, attitudes and skills in their daily life. O-Level Book-Keeping syllabus pdf Download

The syllabus is to be covered in four academic years, each year having approximately nine teaching months which is equivalent to 194 instructional days.

Forms I to IV will have 3 periods of 40 minutes per week. In a year of 38 teaching weeks. Each class of Form I to IV will have a total number of 114 periods.

The teacher is advised to make maximum use of the time allocated in classroom instruction. Lost instructional time should always be compensated for.

General Subject Competences

  • By the end of the four years course, the student should have developed the following competencies:
  • a) manage financial affairs in a responsible and effective manner in their lives, community and economic development.
  • b) use mathematical skills to perform business calculations.
  • c) apply accounting concepts and principles in business activities.
  • d) use appropriate technology when dealing with financial matters.
  • e) inculcate integrity and ethics in dealing with financial matters.
  • f) present financial information effectively by using generally accepted accounting principles.

General Subject Objectives

By the end of the four years course, the student should be able to:

  • a) acquire the ability to maintain accounting records of various business organizations.
  • b) develop an understanding of the business concepts and principles.
  • c) acquire the ability to use figures in business communications, analysis, and decision-making.
  • d) develop problem-solving and computational skills, awareness and recognition of the consequences of accounting errors.
  • e) appreciate and use financial statements as a means of business communication

The Syllabus in pdf is available at the following link. Note: If the above link is no longer working please contact us so we can update the link.

O-Level Book-Keeping syllabus pdf Download HERE

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