O-level Biology syllabus pdf download Now: 2023

O-level Biology syllabus pdf download here. This article will provide all information about the Biology syllabus in pdf and how to download it. Also, it explains the Biology syllabus competencies for o level students and the general objectives. Read more for further understanding. Also, this syllabus can be found on the TIE Website

Introduction to Biology syllabus

This Biology syllabus is a revised version that has been prepared to replace that of 1996. The revision process has been focused on a change in paradigm from that of a content-based curriculum to a competency-based curriculum. O-level Biology syllabus pdf download

Moreover, the revision was inevitable due to the fact that the 1996 syllabus did not sufficiently consider the current social, cultural, global, technological, subject biases and cross cutting issues taking place world wide but particularly in Tanzanian society.

In addition, the revision has also taken into consideration the requirements for the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP). This syllabus has been introduced for implementation January 2007. O-level Biology syllabus pdf download

General Subject Competences

By the end of four year course, the student should have ability to:

  • make appropriate use of biological knowledge, concepts, skills and principles in solving various problems in daily life;
  • record, analyze and interpret data from scientific investigation using appropriate methods and techniques to generate relevant information in biological science;
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in combating health-related problems such as HIV/AIDS, drug and drug abuse, and sexual and reproductive health;
  • access relevant information on biological science and related fields for self-study and life-long learning.

General Subject Objectives

By the end of this four years course, the student should be able to:

  • evaluate the role, influence and importance of biological science in every day life;
  • develop the capacity to improve and maintain their own health, of families and the community;
  • develop mastery of fundamental concepts, principles and skills of biological science and related fields such as agriculture, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary;
  • develop necessary biological practical skills; O-level Biology syllabus pdf download
  • apply scientific skills and procedures in interpreting various biological data;
  • acquire basic knowledge and apply appropriate skills in combating problems related to HIV, AIDS, STIs, gender, population, environment, drugs/substance abuse, sexual and reproductive health;
  • develop the ability and desire for self-study, self-confidence, and self-advancement in biological sciences and related fields.

The Structure and Organization of Biology syllabus

This Biology syllabus has a slightly different structure and organization compared to that of 1996. The current syllabus content has been organized into seven (7) columns instead of four(4). The columns consist of the Topic, Sub-topic, Specific Objectives, Teaching and Learning Resources, Assessment and the Number of Periods. This content is preceded by class competencies and class level objectives for each Form.

The Syllabus in pdf is available at the following link. Note: If the link is no longer working please contact us so we can update the link.

O-level Biology syllabus pdf download HERE

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