A-Level Geography Syllabus PDF Download. This post provides information about the Geography syllabus pdf, and how to download the Geography new syllabus for free in 2023. Also, you can read about the new syllabus here. This syllabus was prepared by the Tanzania Institute of Education TIE.

About A-Level Geography Syllabus PDF Download

Geography is a subject offered at an Advance level of Secondary Education in Tanzania. The subject promotes the understanding of the earth’s physical, cultural, quantitative, and economic components at national, regional and global contexts. Future graduates of this subject shall be expected to serve the community as geologists, planners, economists, environmentalists, miners, land surveyors and fishermen/women. They shall also, serve as foresters, researchers, demographers, water technicians/engineers, meteorologists, agriculturalists and field extension officers. Geographers are required to provide opportunities to the community for solving natural and human-made disasters and catastrophes.

The subject to promotes an understanding of the living and non-living parts of the earth, climate, hydrosphere, and their inter-relationships. The teaching of the subject takes the human being as central in these relationships. Therefore, the pre-occupation of the subject is to minimize the human impact on the environment. The learners of the subject are thus expected to be conversant with what actions to take with the same intentions of sustainably co-existing with the environment.

General GeographyCompetences

At the end of A – Level geography course, students should have the ability to:-

  1. Collect, organize, and interpret information in numerical or statistical forms.
  2. Use a range of instruments accurately and confidently in presenting geographical information or data.
  3. Show personal initiative and commitment in managing national resources and the environment.
  4. Establish the existence of interrelationships of different geographical phenomena.
  5. Analyse problems caused by natural and human factors and use appropriate technology in solving them.
  6. Participate effectively in harnessing resources and energy for mutual benefits.
  7. Apply research skills to conduct research and use the outcome to solve social and economic problems.

The general subject objectives are:-

  1. Enable students to develop an awareness of planet earth as their heritage.
  2. Develop student’s awareness about the extent to which resources of their country can be developed to raise the standard of living.
  3. Develop and apply methods of observation, measurement, recording and interpretation of phenomena as geographers.
  4. Develop a sense of critical analysis and understanding of social, economic and geographical constraints which hinder national development and suggest ways of overcoming them.
  5. Enable students to understand the interrelationships and interdependence between countries and appreciate them.
  6. Enable students acquire the skills for conserving the environment.
  7. Enable students to develop a sense of commitment to preserve and utilize resources sustainably as a
    heritage for future generations.

Click on the link below to download the GEOGRAPHY A-level syllabus. In case the link does not work comment below so we can update the document.


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