A-Level Chemistry Syllabus PDF Download. This post provides information about the Chemistry syllabus pdf, and how to download the Chemistry new syllabus for free in 2023. Also, you can read about the new syllabus here. This syllabus was prepared by the Tanzania Institute of Education TIE.

About A-Level Chemistry Syllabus PDF Download

The A-level Chemistry syllabus for Tanzania was last reviewed in 1996. It has taken twelve years for the next review done in 2008. The 2008 review has been done in the context of serious global and local changes and challenges such as ICT developments and cross-cutting issues. The present review has been done according to the requirements of the contemporary curriculum paradigm shift, where the student is placed at the center of the teaching-learning process. Student learning is supposed to be activity-oriented and cooperative in nature.

The present A-level Chemistry curriculum review is based on the countrywide monitoring research which was done in 2007 on the implementation of the A-level curriculum. This review study was followed by a meeting of A-level stakeholders, who contributed important ideas and recommendations which has guided the review process. Their comments have been taken on board. The world in the last ten years has changed very much technologically and
socially. The present review has put enough emphasis on the development in the learner’s skills and competences needed in every day life.This syllabus has treated quite well the Environmental and Soil Chemistry.


A-level students who study Chemistry as a principal subject should strive to develop the ability to:

  • a) communicate well using chemical symbols, formulae and equations as well as the language of instruction;
  • b) use mathematical principles to understand the processes of qualitative and quantitative chemical reactions;
  • c) use knowledge and skills to solve social and environmental problems related to Chemistry;
  • d) learn Chemistry knowledge and skills from a variety of sources;
  • e) use knowledge and skills of Chemistry to address the problems of drug and substance abuse, as well as environmental destruction and
  • f) use principles of science and technology in the teaching and learning of Chemistry, and in solving Chemistry problems in the society


By the end of the A–Level Chemistry course, the learners should be able to;

  • a) use language and symbols to communicate chemical information;
  • b) apply mathematical skills to analyse and interpret chemical phenomena;
  • c) apply knowledge and skills of Chemistry for proper environment conservation;
  • d) cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the role and importance of Chemistry in everyday life;
  • e) explain how to combat the social predicament of substance abuse;
  • f) develop fundamental concepts, principles and skills in Chemistry to solve problems in society and
  • g) to prepare themselves for further studies in Chemistry and related fields.

Click on the link below to download the Chemistry A-level syllabus. In case the link does not work comment below so we can update the document.


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