A-Level Biology Syllabus PDF Download. This post provides information about the biology syllabus pdf, and how to download the biology new syllabus for free in 2023. Also, you can read about the new syllabus here. This syllabus was prepared by the Tanzania Institute of Education TIE.

About A-Level Biology Syllabus PDF Download

This Biology syllabus is a revised version that has been prepared to replace that of 1997. The revision process has been focusing on change of paradigm from that of content-based to a competence-based curriculum where the student is the main actor and the teacher is the facilitator.

The student uses prior knowledge and experience to acquire new knowledge and skills by cooperating with others. In addition, this syllabus also takes into consideration current global changes, and the current social needs and demands. Moreover, some basic content of the cross-cutting issues have been integrated in relevant topics in this syllabus. A-Level Biology Syllabus PDF Download

General Competences for the Subject

By the end of two-year course the student should have the ability to:

  • a) make appropriate use of biological knowledge, concepts, principles, and skills in solving various problems in daily life;
  • b) collect, analyze, and interpret data from biological scientific investigations and present them in a logical manner using appropriate methods and techniques to generate relevant information;
  • c) demonstrate biological knowledge, skills, and scientific technology in combating health-related problems such as HIV/AIDS/STDs, malaria, tuberculosis, and drug/substance abuse;
  • d) access relevant information on biological science and related fields for self study and lifelong learning;
  • e) conduct scientific experiments, observations, research, and study visits;
  • f) demonstrate creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, and self-independence in problem solving situations;
  • g) demonstrate an understanding of biological terminologies and communicate effectively in spoken and written forms.
  • h) demonstrate mastery of the fundamental concepts, principles and skills of biological sciences and use them for best utilization of their natural heritage to raise their standard of living;
  • i) promote entrepreneurship skills in biological fields for development of individual and national economy;
  • j) demonstrate inter and intra-personal and social skills (self discipline, punctuality, honesty, responsibility, obedience, cooperation, communication, high integrity) in everyday life;
  • k) apply information and computer technology (ICT) in accessing and generating information in Biology.

General Objectives for the Subject

By the end of two-year course, the student should be able to:

  • a) apply scientific skills and procedures in analyzing and interpreting biological data;
  • b) develop entrepreneurship skills in biological communication, creativity and problem-solving;
  • c) apply basic knowledge and appropriate biological skills in combating health-related problems like HIV/AIDS/STDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis;
  • d) demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the role, influence and importance of biological science in everyday life, at work, and in society in general;
  • e) develop mastery of the fundamental concepts, principles and skills of biological science and use this for best utilization of their natural heritage to raise their standard of living;
  • f) communicate effectively using appropriate biological terminologies.
  • g) promote acquisition of biological knowledge and skills by accessing various sources of information;
  • h) develop the ability and desire for self-study, self confidence, and self-advancement in biological sciences and related fields;
  • i) promote love for work, self and wage employment, self-reliant and improved performance in the production and service sectors through application of biological skills and biological scientific technology

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A-Level Biology Syllabus PDF Download here for free

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